Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Few More WASTED! Pieces..!

Chris Sheridan

Crystal Barbre

Johnny Crap

Ken Keirns
The pieces coming in for the show are SO Good:)= "WASTED!" at WWA Gallery Opens on Saturday June 9th!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Contract/Preview Images

Brandon Steen's Piece!

Patrick Fatica's Piece!

 I you have any early images of your work feel free to shoot to my{Dave's} Facebook or email{}=as much needed for show promo:) Heres the contract to download HERE WWA Gallery would wish to continue pimping all unsold work for about 8 months=Los Angeles locals can pick up if they choose, and out of towners can just state on the contract if you want the gallery  to keep pimping before they return. Any questions feel free to write= Thanks again and Talk Soon!~Dave

Saturday, December 24, 2011


"Fried and Juiced! Baked and Blasted! Toasted and Twisted!" Slang words associated with being under the influence of Drugs and Alcohol. Celebrate it! Demonize it! Every one of us impacted by the heaven and hell of their power in our lives. Mind Altering Substances and the Creative Art's have a long symbiotic relationship spanning back century's, so let the tradition continue! This show is a collective of the top artists in our industry, spotlighting the fine art of getting "WASTED!". Feel free to create whatever makes this topic personal to you. Nothing's forbidden, and nothing's taboo. All that we ask is when creating under the influence=PleasePaint Responsibly:P"
Our first show piece! Chet Zar's "Blunt" 11x 14 Oil on Panel
Welcome to the private home base for our show! You are humbly invited to participate!               Title:"WASTED!: The Great American Pastime"                                                                                             Gallery: WWA Gallery in Culver City, Los Angeles                                                                                          Date: Opening Reception June 9th-{coincides with The Culver City Art Walk}. Closing Reception June 29th.                                                                                                                                                      We're shooting for one Piece/ All mediums welcome/ Due to the size of this show, we ask work be no larger than 24 x 36. We'd ask for jpg images of work in May for Online webpreview/web store on WWA's Website. We're Shooting for 100 Confirmed Artists to flesh out the festivities. Artists will receive the standard %50 and Part of the proceeds will go to The Make A Wish Foundation. Gallery pays for sold work within 30 days after the show and does return shipping. Information will be updated constantly through this blog as we roll. Thanks and Talk soon!